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shark tale

shark tale is a very interesting movie. somewhat like finding nemo, but i would say a little better. but then i didnt like finding nemo that much anyway. it has continuous laughs throughout the whole film and jokes for ALL ages, and i mean ALL. whether youre 3 or 93, you will find this movie hilarious.

like finding nemo, there is many underlying metaphors throughout the whole movie. if i had to classify sharktale, i would have to say it is a political comedy in some sense due to the topics it touches on using the metaphors.

as well it takes themes and lines as well as ideas from many of the classics. for example godfather.

if i were to give this movie a grade i would definately no doubt give it an A+! it is one of the funniest movies i have seen all year, and i would DEFINATELY reccomend it.

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