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New Grrl Alert

My name is Sarah. Just stumbbled along this community and I love it! Here's my faves..:

Halloween. (every single one of them EXCEPT for H3).
Bram Stokers Dracula.
Storm of the Century.
Interview With A Vampire.

Tori Amos.
Elton John.

Keeping You A Secret - Julie Anne Peters.
Choices - Nancy Toder.


I would like to know if anyone could tell me some really good, scary horror movies??? Like, something that really scared you or made you think about it. I've seen alot of horror, but I'm sooo in the mood to see something I haven't seen before. So, if anybody could give me some spooky suggestions, I'd very much appreciate it!! :)

Thanx ya'll!!! Awesome community!!!!!!

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hey sorry just stumble across this place to lol anyways good horror flics...I'm a horror movie fanatic to so yep um...One that sorta gave me the willies was Jeepers Creepers but meh...s'alright, Stephen Kings IT is suppost to be good ..I,m reading the book right now and I'm planning to rent it and watch it. Another one is White Noise...alot of people thought it was retarded but I liked it ..dunno if you saw it or anything but yeah and another good one is Texas Chainsaw Massacre..one of my favs anyway so yup...that's all for me
Hey! Nice to hear from ya! :)
I've never seen Jeepers Creepers, but I was sorta interested. I may check it out.
I have seen White Noise, Texas Chainsaw and IT! All pretty dang good. :)
I always like to hear from other horror movie freaks. :p
lol ahh darn lol oh well. Yeah us horror movie freaks have to stay together lol.
definitely man!! all we have is our horror-freak selves! Nobody else gets it! :p *LOL*
haha! that's so true to! lol!